I do digital for remarkable companies.

I am a consultant, online strategist & digital marketer based in Reykjavik, Iceland.


How can I help you?

I help companies succeed online. I have spent over a decade managing online projects and digital marketing initiatives for companies in a variety of industries. For the last few years, commerce has become my bread and butter.

I would like to partner with companies to help them create or redefine their overall online strategy. If you'd like to take on the world in smaller steps, I can help you with specific tasks in the online world, tasks that you may have been struggling with.

I also do bootcamp sessions.

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“The people farthest from understanding the technology are often the ones making the strategic decisions.”

— Dennis Kardys


I get results:



increase in online sales 

#1 on Google

for a specific keyword in 3 months

Saved $90K+

in development costs


From my clients

Rosa is very result oriented and she brought new solutions and ideas to the table that saved our company a considerable amount of money. Rósa was able to quickly take on new tasks and projects for us and apply her sales and marketing expertise to our benefit.

Rósa has the most extensive knowledge and experience in digital marketing out of anyone I have worked with. She also applied BIOEFFECT’s online strategy to social media allowing us to stretch every marketing dollar to the fullest.
— Helga Þóra Eiðsdóttir, former Director of Marketing & PR at BIOEFFECT
Rósa is one of the strongest Project Management person I’ve worked with. She sets her goals high and her projects show a clear line of professionalism along with great outcomes. She is great to work with and I highly recommend her.
— Agust Gudbjornsson, CEO at 23 Advertising Agency