About me


I've been doing online for over a decade.

Originally I am a designer, although my first job was as a web master. I have put on many hats since then, including department head in Iceland's biggest incoming travel agency, Foreman of the Icelandic Web Industry Association and CEO/Co-Founder of one of the bigger online agencies in Iceland.

In 2015 I made a conscious decision to branch out on my own and I haven't looked back.

My passion

I want to make the web a better place.

I want to make the web a better place for us all, individuals and brands. I want websites to be as beautiful as they are useful, I want the right people to find the right content or products at the right time, I want to build meaningful relationships, I want to believe that what I do has value beyond money. 


My clients

Remarkable companies.

I have worked with brands that have an international audience, as well as established, local brands in Iceland. 

Blue Lagoon, City of Reykjavik, Icelandic Group, BIOEFFECT, Ölgerðin, Iceland Travel, Benecta, Cintamani, ODDSSON ho(s)tel, Reykjavik Excursions, Novomatic Lottery Solutions, East West Tours... 

Maybe you will be next?


My results

All my work is result driven and I always look for tangible, measurably results for my clients and their customers. 

These are actual results I have achieved for my clients:



increase in online sales 

#1 on Google

for a specific keyword in 3 months

Saved $90K+

in development costs